Start 2012 off Right!

Saturday night is all right for fighting... so says Elton John. But I'm not in a fighting mood. I'm in a head banging mood! So I bring you the Saturday Night Dance Party. It's the first Saturday night of 2012 and I aim to make it a fan-fokking-tastic one! Here is the playlist for the evening!

Mozeltov, Metalheads every where!!

Collaspse - Scar the Silent Sky
The most awesome metal song of 2010!

Relicseed - No Ritina
Happiness for the ears!

Orange Goblin - Time Travelling Blues
An oldie but a goodie!

HateSphere - Venom
From last year's The Great Bludgeoning

Keep of Kalessin & Alexander Rybak
Seriously??!! Seriously??!! Frakking amazing!

Prosevere - New Number 2
Strait ahead rock and roll!

Diamond Plate - Generation Why?
My favourite album from last year!


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