BUMP - another groovilicious offering from Mark Kidwell

BUMP by Mark Kidwell
is a ghost story with teeth. Thirty years ago, Sheriff Gil Lundy ended deformed serial killer Edgar Dill's bloody series of murders by turning a blind eye to justice and walling the wounded monster up in a decrepit farmhouse to die. Now, something has risen from the dust and shadow of the old Dill place, something evil, and hungry. Something that churns the skies over rural Alder County into a raging tempest and brings scream-inducing nightmares to the aging lawman and those who know what he did. There's a light on in Edgar Dill's playroom and dark, fanged things formed of crawling wood-flesh howl like band saws in hell from the trees. Bump is a full length novelization of Mark Kidwell's hit horror comic mini-series that expands the dark, violent tale to a whole new level of terror. Bump will get under your skin...and leave splinters on its way out.

Mark Kidwell is the author/illustrator of dozens of comic books and graphic novels. Primarily working in the horror genre, Mark has created such popular series as Bump, Frank Frazetta's Dark Kingdom (with Tim Vigil and Jay Fotos) and the ongoing Vietnam/Zombie epic, '68. In addition to his graphic work, Mark has designed creature special effects for such industry luminaries as Robert Kurtzman (KNB and Precinct 13 Entertainment), penned original screenplays and provided illustration for numerous fantasy gaming books. The expansion of Bump from comic book mini-series to full prose novel is his first literary release. He is currently hard at work on more.

Not to mention, Mark is just a super cool dude! So Kali Diaries says... check out his work! You won't be disappointed. You can get BUMP right here at our Amazon store!


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