On Board Flight 666 - coming October 2011

Iron Maiden never shy away from new media and this latest offering is no exception. From being the pioneers of long form video to touring in the most unlikely places; this band never ceases to impress. Die hard Maiden fans already own and have memorized all of Flight 666. Now, a companion books makes it's way to the shelves.

Iron Maiden photographer John McMurtrie compiled this visual spectacular book. It's to be released on Orion Books in the UK in October 20, 2011. John has the inside look at this world famous band. Seemingly nothing was off limits to him. The book contains more than 300 photographs both onstage and off.

ON BOARD FLIGHT 666 charts the extraordinary journey of IRON MAIDEN in their specially customised Boeing 757, piloted by lead singer and airline Captain Bruce Dickinson. Travelling across 5 continents, twice around the globe to undertake two World Tours, John's pictorial odyssey maps their progress from Ed Force One's historic take-off in January 2008 on the groundbreaking Somewhere Back In Time Tour through to 2010/11's The Final Frontier World Tour in support of their fifteenth studio album to date, The Final Frontier (August 2010) which reached No 1 in at least 28 countries.

With a personal foreword by Bruce Dickinson ONBOARD FLIGHT 666 takes you up close with Iron Maiden as they circumnavigate the planet to play to their loyal legion of fans giving an inside look into what makes this band so special and so adventurous in their unique touring plans.


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