Dave Matthews Band Caravan in Atlantic City

The line up today was just ear bleeding awesomeness!! DAVE AND TIM!!!!!! Warren Haynes. Damian Marley AND.... another blistering set by DAVE MATTHEWS BAND!!!! I tried to send in a text/multiple text from the grounds today and it came out all michigosh. So, in English - here it is again!
Another lovely day in Atlantic City, NJ! The first stop on the DMB Caravan Tour. Three stages. Loads of bands. Finally an American band gets how to put on a proper European festival. Plenty of places to recycle. Brita water stations through out the grounds where you can get FREE water. Reasonably priced food - huge pizza slices! Perfectly grilled burgers. Even the weather is being festival friendly - big poofy white clouds, ocean breeze, loverly! Check out the tour as it winds its way to Chicago, New York and the famous Gorge in Seattle. Be sure to take a refillable water bottle!

There! LOL But it was a wicked day! Like I said - an American band got the feel and flow of a European festival right!!! Three stages. Plenty of toilets. Open space for walking, dancing, sitting under the sun. Pick nick tables. Three FREE Brita Hydration stations strategically located on the grounds. The sheer number of bottled water waste that was eliminated because of these stations will boggle the mind. Not bad considering 30-40 thousand people showed up. So if everyone bought a water.... the trash would be fierce. Yuck! But by teaming with Brita - DMB gave warehouse members a voucher for a free water bottle. You could win a water bottle at the Brita tent. Or bring one from home and enjoy FREE Brita Filtered water at one of the hydration stations.

I got geeked when Dave took the stage with Tim for an amazing gobsmacking acoustic set!!! By 8pm the crowd was ready - and the band showed up and left it all on the stage.

Big Eyed Fish
Why I Am
Write A Song
Break Free
Alligator Pie
Dancing Nancies
The Idea Of You
#41 (**** Tim and Warren traded off solos on this **** mondo wicked!)
Time Bomb
Can't Stop
Two Step

The line up was killing. The space comfortable. FREE WATER!!!! Reasonably priced food (that was quite delish). What more could you ask for at a festival? And hey, not a lot of stupid drunk people either. Seriously!!! The idiot drunk factor was quite low! That was a pleasant surprise.

So if you can - catch the tour in Chicago July 8-10, New York, August 26-29 or up in Seattle at the Gorge September 2-4. You will have a blistering wonderful time!


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