Crucial Times - The Age of Denial

Crucial Times asks punters if they are losing their mind? I don't think the band is, but their music is the soundtrack to a society that is losing their mind. The music is chaotic and frenzied and is all over the place. It definitely makes you want to get up and just move. The Age of Denial was released earlier this year, 2011, on Clenched Fist Records. It's a hard driving album that will make any lover of punk metal, thrash metal, death metal happy. The band encompasses all those genre's on the album. It's done quite well. The lyrics are uber political, you'd think the band hailed from Brooklyn circa the 1980s. Crucial Times is emerging head and shoulders above the rest in the metal festival laced Belgium.

Other than the hard driving music that make this band interesting, was the way they got together - all on Facebook. Guitarist Jelle Druyts posted on Facebook he needed a band and lo and behold he got a few takers with Bart Van Den Vonder and Yves Van Gorp on vocals and additional guitar playr Wannes Vanthienen. The rhythm section was harder to come by . LOL So hard it was, it's rumored that Nick De Bruyn is actually another guitar player that was talked into playing bass for the band. We're glad he did.

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