Metallica 30th Anniversary Show Night #1

Hello, My name is Victoria and I'm a Metallicaholic. I eat, breath, sleep Metallica. It's a quarter century obsession of mine. I've been in the Metallica fan club since 1998. I've had my own chapter since 2001. I got it bad. So when Metallica announced that for their 30th Anniversary they were doing a clubbers only spate of shows at the Fillmore in San Francisco. I was all over it. The tickets were about $8 a nite or $19 for all 4 shows. The ONLY way to get in was to be a clubber or have a clubber take you as their +1. If you've never been to the Fillmore, you should know... it holds about 1200 people. So in 2011, you could see a Metallica show in a smallish venue for under a tenner. Life is indeed, good!

The first night Apocalyptica opened for Metallica. For me, this was the best thing ever, as I totally gobsmackingly LOVE Apocolyptica. They played an amazing set: For Whom the Bell Tolls, Master of Puppets, Fight Fire With Fire, Nothing Else Matters, I Don't Care, Creeping Death, and closed with Grieg's Hall of the Mountain King. Grieg was the original Heavy Metal dude! Even with just seven songs it was enough to induce squeels of delight from me. But the highlight of the night came halfway thru Metallica's set when Eicca Toppinen, Perttu Kivilaakso, Paavo Lotjonen, and Mikko Siren joined James onstage for the most hauntingly beautiful rendition of One I've ever heard. It gave me chills. Apocolyptica also played No Leaf Clover with Metallica. I was blown away!

Metallica's set was pretty choice, too. Little did we know, they intended to give us clubbers a new set every night - no repeats. Monday started off with Call of Ktulu followed by No Remorse (in full), Shortest Straw, Leper Messiah, Day That Never Comes, Carpe Diem Baby (which totally was sleazy and smokey and full of bump and grind), Hate Train (from the Death Magnetic boots, a "new" song), Please Don't Judas Me, Wherever I May Roam, Sad But True (with John Marshall), No Leaf Clover and One with Apocalyptica (swoon), Harvester of Sorrow and Damage, Inc with Jason Newsted, Motorcycle Man with Bif Byford, The Prince - It's Electric - Helpless and Am I Evil with Sean Harris and Brian Tatler. The band ended the night with Seek and Destroy with Jason, John Marshall, Sean Harris, Bif, Brian, Apocalyptica, and the Soul Rebels Brass Band all on stage jamming it out. Freakish and fun it was!

If night one was indication of how the week was going to go, it was going to be long and wonderful. I'll post each night with commentary and photos (Many of you have read the blog updates and twitter feed, so here is the full length version.) What other band do you know of would go this extra mile for it's fans? No one coming to mind? That's because no other band would have the cajones to do it! Metallica rocks, nuff said!


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