2011 Mix Tape

2011 is drawing to a close and it's time for yet another end of the year list. This one is entitled "Mix Tape 2011". It harkens to the days of old when you'd throw together some groovy tunage, slap it on a cassette tape and give it to your friends. Would you believe Metallica, well Lars Ulrich started out trading Met music this way? Groovy, no!?  Any ways. Here is my mix tape for 2011. Most of the songs didn't come out in 2011, but they were heavily played by moi! Hope they bring you joy!

1. Rival Sons "Pressure and Time"
2. Rival Sons "Face of Light"
3. Reverend and the Makers  "Miss Brown"
4. Mars Volta "The Widow"
5. Volbeat "Fallen"
6. Relicseed "Kiss From a Rose"
7. Relicseed "Trigonometry"
8. Dave Matthews Band "Time Bomb"
9. Collapse "Scar the Silent Sky"
10. Chris Cornell "Scream"
11. RENT "Seasons of Love"
12. Bear McCreary "All Along the Watchtower"
13. Mars Volta "Eriatarka"
14. Jeff Beck "I'm Losing You"
15. David Bowie "Oh You Pretty Things"


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