Armada Drive full length album Armada Drive

Somedays, out of no where, you get some great music coming across your computer. Today was that day. An acquaintance named Graeme said he had a band and we should listen to it. No big thing. A lot of my friends are in bands. LOL Most of them are quite good. Thames Burial. Collapse. Relicseed. Doro. Quite good bands. I now have to add Armada Drive to the list. They are from Halifax, NS. Canadians, eh! But the sound is pure rock and roll!

The self titled Armada Drive opens with Generation Why. It has driving guitars is uplifting and moving. The vocals could be think in spots but then will get all William DuVall Alice in Chains. It's a crisp clean 90s grunge rock sound.

Graeme Brown and Rob Gillian's guitar playing is stellar throughout the album. It's definitely the highlight of listening to this disk.

On Bash,the Alice in Chains sound comes shining thru. There are also shades of Stone Temple Pilots. It's a fun, upbeat song that will get peeps on the dance floor. Bash is definitely a stand out track!

To show the lighter side of Armada Drive, they busted out with an updated Ballroom Blitz. It's not as schmarmy wink-wink-nudge-nudge as the cover by Krokus or even the light-hearted fun of the original by Sweet. They threw in some stock vocal growls but it's still a likable party song.

See Me Now = power ballad. Perfectly written for the ladies, hoisting your BIC lighters, and young men trying to be band and cool at the same time. Plenty of power chords and hard drumming to make the target demographic 16 - 24 year old boys pout petulantly, feel that no one understands them, and get all moody. A boy like that plays this song for a girl and he's got her.

The album closes with Lay Me Down. Again, if you like Alice in Chains, you'll LOVE this track. The vocals are perfect here and the guitars are just stunning. Everything about this song just fits. It's a catchy track and you'll be singing along with it before the three minute mark.

Don't take my word for it. You can listen to the entire album here: And if it's something you like, go by Armada Drive and buy it. It's a great addition to your music collection.


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