Fusion Metal Benefit

Fusion Metal Benefit

Sat, Jan 7 2012, 6:30p.m. - 9:30p.m.
Fusion Performing Arts CenterVoorhees, NJ, United States

Alright. We all know that booking metal at Fusion Performing Arts Center in Voorhees, NJ is something that is worth fighting for. Well, here's the chance for 4 bands to play there and make it so we can have metal shows on a regular basis.

This show is a benefit show for Fusion to help them raise money to build the wall they need to help them insulate sound from the mall. This is our limitation to booking heavy shows there. Our goal in this is to raise $2000 from the metal scene and show them our support!

To save a lot of people time, i need to reiterate that this is a BENEFIT show for Fusion. Bands will not be paid. This is to help a venue who wants to help all bands. Xombified Management will not be profiting of this show either so relax.

If you want your to play, your band must get 20 people to make a minimum donation of $5. Anyone that donates $30 or more will get 3 passes to any future XM shows of their choice. 

Every band that posts their band name on the event page will be placed on our presale ticket page. The first 4 bands to get 20 people to donate at least $5, or the top 4 bands by Saturday December 10th, will perform in the January 7th show. Any band that doesn't make it to play that show, DON'T FRET! You're efforts will not be in vain! First, all profits for the show go to Fusion, so the money isn't being pocketed. They are a non-profit organization. Second, any band that gets ANY donations under your band's name will play our next metal shows. Bands who don't make the January show will be placed on the next shows according to how many people donated under their name.

If you're band is interested in playing, post your name on the Facebook event page and please message us with details as to why your band will benefit Fusion the most. Remember, only 4 slots available! 

Go here to order tickets or make your donation: http://xm.ticketleap.com/fusion-metal-benefit/


So far the bands that have expressed interest in playing are:
Intervals of Redemption
March to Victory
Defeat the Deep
Another Vendetta
Dark Waters End
I Am The Trireme


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