Death Lullaby - WORMZ (Full Album Stream)

Death Lullaby
Famined Records
Release Date: April 15, 2016

1 - They Dig / They Devour (1:06) [Lyric Video]
2 - We Won't Live Forever (2:50)
3 - Renegade (2:53) [Music Video]
4 - Strife (3:18)
5 - Conquer All (3:43)
6 - Anachrony (3:01)
7 - Wormz (3:29) [Music Video]
8 - Dethrone The Grower (2:53)
9 - Cycles (4:56)
10 - Devolution (3:25) [Playthrough Video]
11 - Rainmaker (6:43)
Album Length: 38:21

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Funk Metal? Mathematical Metal? Either way it's a head banging grinding type of album. Death Lullaby's debut album has lots of forward momentum. It's always interesting and engaging. Julien Bournival and Yoan Marier-Proulx on guitar are a highlight on Wormz. Their playing is technical without being pretentious. Coupled with the drumming of Kevy Metal and the bass playing of Francis Bilodeau, the musical romp is strong and tight. Simon Crow lays some heavy vocals. The combination of these talented muscians is worth the listen.


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