Rabid Flesh Eater - Reign of Terror (album review)

Rabid Flesh Eater
Reign of Terror
Self Release
Release Date: April 15, 2016

I can't honestly say what drew me to Rabid Flesh Eater's Reign of Terror. Instinct possibly. A giant wolf like creature as the album cover. A huge trust in Earsplit PR for sending killer tunes. Either way, I spun the first track and my day got brighter. Puppies and kittens frolicked at my feet. The evil sunlight went away to be replaced with oh so fluffy grey clouds and a temperature a perfect 16 degrees Celsius.

The first track is circle pit happiness. 'Lycanthrope' is a fun romp to the way back machine. It sets the tone for what's to come. Rabid Flesh Eater delivers perfect by the book circle pit thrash metal. Reign of Terror is perfect for letting loose and partying. To say tracks like 'Industry Killers' and 'Psychotic Episode' are throw backs is a good thing. Rabid Flesh Eater takes what we all love about classic thrash and puts it on Reign of Terror. Not one foot is stepped out of place.

Everything about Rabid Flesh Eater's Reign of Terror is likable. It's a disk that will get massive amounts of play. Buy it and see!


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