Rapheumets Well - The Exile (album review)

Rapheumets Well 
The Exile
Test Your Metal Records
Release: 18 March 2016

I'm happily reviewing Rapheumets Well's new offering The Exile. It's unexpected as it's so much more than a straight black metal screamo album. It's like the musicians did a seance and pulled in Paganini, Wagner, the spirit of Voivod, and Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau. The Exile is multi-layered with new and exciting compositions every minute. The cacophony can be a bit disconcerting at first, but take a deep breath and let the music flow over you. The complexity of the compositions adds a flavour and depth that many albums are missing. Everything about The Exile is atmospheric which creates a block buster feeling while you are listening. The Exile is engaging on a visceral level. Clean vocals, choir, and Cookie Monster growly vocals mix effortless together. Tripp King, Joshua Nassaru Ward, and Annette Greene work well together. Aaron Rogers on organ gives The Exile an eerie feel while his piano passages provide a more somber tome. I enjoyed the album far more than I thought I would. It speaks to the sword wielding level 10 mountain dwarf in me.

Album and Live Band Line Up:
Tripp King - Harsh Vocals
Daniel Presnell - Guitar
Jon Finney - Bass
Aaron Rogers - Keys
Hunter Ross - Guitar
Joshua Nassaru Ward - Drums and Clean Vocals

Track Listing:
1. Resurrecting The Blood Gate (4:44)
2. The Blight of Sotath Shal (3:53)
3. The Epic of Darmak (4:59)
4. Crucible of Titans (4:14)
5. Resurgence (6:07)
6. Witch of Dark Spire (5:17)
7. The Exile (6:13)
8. Planetary Cenotaph (5:05)
Album Length: 40:37
Annette Greene - Choir and Female Clean Vocals


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