The Glorious Rebellion - Euphoric (album review)

The Glorious Rebellion
Magnetic Eye RecordsRelease: 8 April 2016

Well this starts out fucking heavy and brutal. The production is quite raw and it brings an instant smile to my face. The lyrics start to the first track "It's a Suckers Game, Kid" and I'm instantly hooked. This is an uber bitchen track! The only thing that sucks is that the world at large has to wait until April 2016 to hear this album! HOLY and FUCK are words that I describe the second track "Emmet Brown Has Never Met a Scot That Wasn't Great". Jaysus, Merry, and Josef! This is a bitchen track! The guitars are schmarmy. The vocals are visceral. I frakkin' love this so far. Pretty much every track is epic in its simplicity. Nothing frivolous or superfluous. This is heavy rock in its purist, stripped down form and it's head banging worthy!

So who the fuck are Glorious Rebellion? They are from Orlando, FL and rumour has it they were offered multiple deals within hours of releasing music online in 2014. That's unheard of! But listen to the music and judge for yourself. These guys are the real deal!

It's a Suckers Game, Kid - live


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