Affliction Gate - Dying Alone (album review)

Affliction Gate
Dying Alone
Transcending Obscurity
Release: 5 January 2016

Want to turn on, tune in, and drop out? This is the perfect album. The first strains of music was a sonic shower! All the stress and angst I had from the day melted away. 90 seconds later and I felt good. Relaxed. Thank you Affliction Gate! "Negative Lucidity" is a wonderfully constructed tune that is pleasing to the ear and good for the soul. Yes, the vocals are the cookie monster growl. Yes, the guitars are a wall of sound. Yes, the drumming is bombastic. But some days it's just what you need. The album only has four tracks, but you can listen to those four tracks over and over again and not get tired. I'd like to thank Affliction Gate for making Dying Alone. It's an album you didn't know you needed until you get it!


Kent Sommer said…
It was fate to come here at this place. It really paves the way for me to want to go out more. I was fortunate enough to have seen this excellent place with my friends. The entire space at venues in Chicago feel warm and intimate.

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