Jessie Sanchez of Bonded By Blood talks about upcoming headlining tour for The Aftermath

Bonded by Blood are about to start on a brand spanking new tour. They will blitzkrieg across the USA until October. They are supporting the critically acclaimed The Aftermath which was released earlier this summer on Earache Records. I shanghaied “new” bassist Jessie Sanchez and asked him about the upcoming tour, his new endorsement, and life as a musician. 

KaliDiaries: Mr. Jessie Sanchez, you are the “new” bass player for one Bonded By Blood from California. How is professional musician life treating you?

Mr. Sanchez: It feels great to finally be in a band again that I feel 100% comfortable to be myself in. It’s like being in high school all over again, except I don’t have to wake up at 0730am every day for class.

KaliDiaries: From the look at your last tour schedule and this one, I’m thinking you are working harder now than when you were in high school. Promoting a new album must be grueling. 

Mr. Sanchez: It’s a fun type of working hard because I’m doing what I love to do. I’ve always felt the most like myself when I’m jamming on my bass or picking up a guitar. Writing and performing is my favourite comfort zone! Now that The Aftermath is finally out, it feels good to finally hear a lot of the riffs I wrote being played on satellite or internet radio. I’m sure most of the guy’s in my band are used to it; but every time I hear it I’m reminded of how all the hard work is paying off. 

It’s funny because I used to hate waking up at 6 or 7 AM to go to work. I used to work a lot of random jobs. But waking up that early to get on a plane or drive to a gig or anything band related doesn’t faze me at all. 

KaliDiaries: That sounds like an awesome feeling, turning on the radio and it’s playing something YOU created! You posted on both your Facebook page and your fan page!/JessieSanchezHQ  a VH1 commercial where one of the people in the video was wearing a Bonded By Blood T-shirt. That was sweet! 

Mr. Sanchez: Yea! We have some of the most supportive fans out there! I think the guy wearing that shirt is from a local band here in LA called Fiar. We’ve played with them a few times. 

KaliDiaries: What comes across the most the many times I’ve seen you guys live since Fall of 2010: Bloodstock is that you put on some killer live shows. Those first shows you weren’t in the band, but the energy level onstage has just gone thru the roof since you joined! I can tell you really love what you are doing. How is the reaction to The Aftermath? You played some of the tracks live on the last tour before it was released.

Mr. Sanchez: During our last tour with Kittie, we started throwing a lot more new songs into the set. In my gut I always knew the fans would respond well because of the realness and the formula that went into writing that album and the crowd seemed to really enjoy the new songs. We’ve got some great reviews online and it’s starting to spread like fire. Back on that tour The Aftermath wasn’t released yet so the only song most fans got to hear ahead of time was our first single, ‘Restless Minds’. But now that the album is out more people know our lyrics and are singing along more at shows. It’s really rad!

KaliDiaries: I for one LOVED hearing the songs live. I couldn’t wait for the album to be released so I could talk about it. LOL I truly think it will be in the Top 3 Best Albums of 2012! I noticed a lot of people video-taped the shows. Was that something pre-planned or did it happen organically? Will you continue to let fans tape the shows and start a brisk trading network like Metallica and Dave Matthews Band have?

Mr. Sanchez: I could understand why a lot of musicians choose to have video rules, especially if there’s a mistake on stage. That video isn’t going to lie. Hell, it might even taint your “image”. But personally, I don’t mind at all if anyone records our shows because we try to out play and out perform ourselves every single night. Mauro is always saying something new and random on the mic. Carlos is always throwing in new fills. Juan will try out little texture changes in his leads and I always try to keep my bass playing fun and occasionally bust a drum and bass jam with Carlos in between songs. Not to mention the show itself is like one big party. You’ll never see the same BBB show twice.

KaliDiaries: Now that IS exciting! You’ve only had about four months in between tours. Are you well rested and ready to for life on the road again? How long will you be out this time? Not to mention you are headlining, too sweet!

Mr. Sanchez: I’m more than well rested! Four months is a lot of time off when all you want to do is gig gig gig! Hahahaha The time off did help us get a few things out of the way that we needed to do. I recently got endorsed by Ibanez so I got my new bass and took promo shots for them. We filmed a music video for our second single, ‘Crawling in the Shadows’. Dave Vorhes (who shot the last video for ‘Prototype Death Machine’ along with videos for White Wizzard, Holy Grail, and Warbringer) shot the video last week so he’s currently going through the grueling process of sorting through footage and editing this monster we’re brewing.  I just finished editing “The Making Of” to be put online soon. 

We also played a bunch of shows in California in between. Our headline tour kicks off Friday September 21 in Berkley, California and runs until October 6 in Allentown, PA. Then we link up with our friends in Death Angel, Threat Signal, Wretched and Potential Threat for a few weeks from October 7th – 19th

KaliDiaries: An endorsement deal is a major accomplishment. How did that come about?

Mr. Sanchez: Juan has had a deal with them for years now. I met their representative Mike Orrigo over time and we kept in touch before he asked me to join the Ibanez familia. 

KaliDiaries: That’s awesome! I’m sure it’s also helpful in terms of getting new and better equipment. 

Mr. Sanchez: Of course I was stoked to do so since Ibanez rules.

KaliDiaries: And rules mightily in your hands!

Mr. Sanchez: Hahahaha, damn right!

KaliDiaries: You are a video tech guy. You do all the videos from the road and what not. How is that going? Are you getting good reactions from the fans?

Mr. Sanchez: Yes, I do all the road updates and promo vids. Aside from being a music geek, I’m also a video geek. I love editing random projects. I have a few pranks and behind the scene videos on my YouTube Channel:

KaliDiaries: I think it’s totally choice that you do those. It’s a treat for me to keep updated on the band, and I’m sure the fans appreciate them too. Geeks Rule!

Mr. Sanchez: I do it for the fans. I’m a fan of bands too, so I love it when anyone puts out something that shows a glimpse of what it’s like on the road. Yes! GEEKS Unite!

KaliDiaries: Anything special planned for the headlining portion of your tour? Anything different in the set list? Special light shows? Togas? Midget tossing?

Mr. Sanchez: Every night we’re bringing a bag filled with random snakes that we’re going to release into the crowd randomly during our set, just to keep our fans on their toes. Hahahaha We have some new songs and some classics in the set for this run. I think our fans will be in for a real treat; just in time for Halloween!

KaliDiaries: For this tour, do you have regular lodging sorted or are you still sleeping in the van in Wal-Mart parking lots?

Mr. Sanchez: For this tour we’ll be taking our van back on the road, the S.S.B.B.B. So keep an eye out for our big green boat. If we aren’t staying in the van it’s because we lucked out and a fan invited us to crash at their place or we have a hotel. I never know what to expect. Every night is something new. 

KaliDiaries: That keeps YOU on your toes. LOL But in a very uncomfortable way. Blerg. This tour goes through October. Any plans for Europe or the UK or festival dates?

Mr. Sanchez: We have tour news coming up very soon for Europe, so stay tuned! All I can say is we’ll be back overseas before this year is over!

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