The Hobbit - Official Trailer

SQUEEEEEEEEE the most amazing thing you will ever see (OK the Dredd stuff) but next to that!!! The next official trailer for the Peter Jackson epic THE HOBBIT!!! It's just amazing. I can't wait until this is released. Peter Jackson hit it out of the ballpark with the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy and now he's taken on the first book of the "series"; a precursor if you will. THE HOBBIT tells of Bilbo Baggin's adventure with the dwarves. Filmed again against the stunning backdrop of New Zealand, this film promises to be a visual feast for the eyes that many thanks to Andrew Lesnie (cinematographer and 22 time Oscar winner).  THE HOBBIT brings back Ian McKellen as Gandolf, Cate Blanchett as an Elvin Queen, Hugo Weaving and Elrond, and Elijah Wood as Frodo.  So many familiar faces one is instantly comfortable. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey will be out this year and next year, 2013, the second installment The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.


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