Friday Night Dance Party - Slayer Edition

Slayer has been one of my favourite bands as long as I can remember. I picked up Reign In Blood in 1986. Mind Blown. Slayer became my "happy" music. No matter how I felt, the raw aggressive energy put a goofy smile on my face. For most of my high school years, the first thing I heard upon waking was Slayer. My bestest Slayer memory was seeing them in 1991 in Arizona. I ended up with tickets in the seated section ***shudders*** The Clash of the Titans tour. The cool thing about the seats? Looking down onto the floor as a large circle pit erupted during Slayers set. It was like seeing a whirlpool form before your eyes! In the darkness shapes coalesced and in the blur all there was was flow, movement, energy: fascinating! I was transfixed... for about a minute and then I scrambled down to be a part of it. Many Slayer shows followed and many Slayer cassettes then CD's were purchased. Tonite's Friday Night Dance Party is a salute to you, Mr. Jeff Hanneman and the music you lovingly brought to life for me and millions of happy punters!

"Cult" - Henry Rollins Show

"Disciple" - Henry Rollins Show

"Seasons in the Abyss"

"War Ensemble" - Live 1991

 "Killing Fields" - Live 1995

"World Painted Blood"

"Serenity in Murder"


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