Kolony Records to release Be'Lakor's Of Breath and Bone to North American Audience

Italian label Kolony Records inked a brand new distribution deal for all of North America through DisManic via eOne Distribution. Kolony's aim is to expanded and reach more European fans and stores since it's 2008 formation. With the new distribution deal, they are able to furnish us some good music via Australian band Be'lakor. Of Breath and Bone is the band's third album and Kolony Records hopes this will bring them a wider audience. Of Breath and Bone was released in Europe last year to critical acclaim and Kolony hopes the June 2013 North American release will bring the same. The opening track, "Abeyance", boasts some good guitar harmonies by George Kosmas and Shaun Sykes over some solid drumming. George Kosmas's vocals remind me of 80s Fields of the Nephilim / Sisters of Mercy type thing. The modern sound and the waver vocals are a great mix. "Abeyance" is a wonderful mixture of vintage and modern metal.



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