Interview with Joe Berlinger about CRUDE

Interview with Joe

Another fantastic film by my friend Joe. This one is about what happens when the
Little People take on Big Oil. Please go out and support his work!

PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! Go see this movie. He makes fantastic films (Some Kind of Monster, Brothers Keeper, Paradise Lost, Iconoclast) and this one is going to be exceptional!

You Tube link to trailer...

The website…
The CRUDE website has a list of cities and dates for the movie. Joe will be at a lot of the premiers. The actual show times won't be released until closer to the dates.

IFC Center
New York, NY
09/09 to 09/22
Filmmaker Joe Berlinger in person 09/9, 10, 11

Landmark Nuart
Los Angeles, CA
09/18 to 09/24
Filmmaker Joe Berlinger in person 09/18 & 19

Milwaukee Film Festival
Milwaukee, WI
09/24 to 10/04

Sidewalk Film Festival
Birmingham, AL
09/25 to 09/27

Landmark Lumiere
San Francisco, CA
09/25 to 10/01
Filmmaker Joe Berlinger in person 09/25

Landmark Shattuck
Berkeley, CA
09/25 to 10/01
Filmmaker Joe Berlinger in person 09/26

Landmark Theaters
San Diego, CA
09/25 to 10/01

Alexandria Film Festival
Alexandria, VA 09/27

Vancouver International Film Festival
Vancouver, BC 10/01

The Royal
Toronto, ON
10/01 to 10/04

Northwest Film Center
Portland, OR 10/07

Landmark Ritz at Bourse
Philadelphia, PA
10/09 to 10/15
Filmmaker Joe Berlinger in person 10/9 & 10

Landmark Dobie
Austin, TX
10/09 to 10/15

Cinema Arts Centre
Huntington, NY
10/15 Filmmaker Joe Berlinger in person 10/15

The Screen
Santa Fe, NM
10/16 to 10/22

Landmark Theaters
Denver, CO
10/16 to 10/22

Bill Cosford Cinema
Coral Gables, FL
10/16 to 10/18

Jacob Burns Film
Pleasantville, NY
10/18 to 10/19
Filmmaker Joe Berlinger in person 10/18

UCSB Arts and Lectures
Santa Barbara, CA 10/20

Lankmark E Street
Washington, DC
10/23 to 10/29
Filmmaker Joe Berlinger in person 10/23

Wexner Center for the Arts
Columbus, OH 12/08

Landmark Varsity
Seattle, WA
10/23 to 10/29

International Film Series
Boulder, CO 11/05

Museum of Fine Arts
Boston, MA
11/06 to 11/14
Filmmaker Joe Berlinger in person 11/6

Angelika Dallas
Dallas, TX
11/06 to 11/12

Angelika Houston
Houston, TX
11/06 to 11/12

The Charles Theatre
Baltimore, MD
11/13 to 11/19

Museum of Fine Arts
Minneapolis, MN
11/13 to 11/19

St. Louis Film Festival
St. Louis, MO
11/15 Filmmaker Joe Berlinger in person 11/15

Real Artways
Hartford, CT
11/20 to 11/26

Plaza Theatre
Atlanta, GA
11/27 to 12/3

Bijou @ Crossroads
San Antonio, TX
11/27 to 12/3

Cleveland Cinematheque
Cleveland, OH
12/03 to 12/06


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