Back in the Saddle

Not to long ago I got a late night PM from a mate of mine. He wanted to know what "shows I was doing". I told him and he asked if I would work them. I didn't hesitate to say yes. Mind you, I haven't worked a show since the Ted Nugent show in, wot 2004 I think. This wasn't going to be as labour intensive. This would be more like doing the medical conferences. I would be in my element, left alone, to do my job.

I didn't realize how much I missed it! It was a bummer not being able to hang with my mates, some of whom had traveled well over 3000 miles to be at the show. Some live less than an hour away, but I hadn't seen them in ages. But it was dead groovy the actual work environment.

I got my credentials, took a tour of the facility, and notateds the bathrooms. Clean ones that I only had to share with the people who were using this space as their command center. I was working with a good friend whom I hadn't seen since I was in Dublin two years ago! LOL I was issued my equipment. Went over production notes. And Bob's your uncle.

It took about 2 songs for me to find my groove. I think the 4th and 5th song I shot I was at my best. I cursed myself for not getting to the groove sooner, but the equipment was actually "older" than the last that I used. LOL I also only had a sketchy story board of what to shoot. I did have some shots planned in my head and was able to follow the pyro and laser guy's cues pretty well.Both would uncover thier boards a few minutes before they were to start then cover them when they were done. That dictated my wide and tight shots.

There was only the one camera so I had to roll primarily A roll and some B roll when I could sneak it in. The transitision between the two were a bit shaking to start. Like I said it took a few songs to find my pacing. I do feel a bit guilty - I know - when have I ever felt guilty about anything? See, a majority of my mates were on the rail in my line of sight! There were a lot - I mean A LOT of shots I framed around them! I hope it's not too obvious, but as my "boss" (ok immediate supervisor) knows the same people I know, it may stand out when he views the dailies (or in this case nightlies) LOL

Any ways, working last night reminded me of why I had gone into that field to begin with and I yearned to be back in the field now. Teaching is great. The hours are better. The pay is better. But the commeraderie that I felt last night is not there in teaching. The instant satisfaction of "knowing I got the frakking money shot" is not there. Teaching isn't framed beautifully. There is no road dog mentallity in teaching. No staying up for 20 hours and then driving to the next city to stay up 20+ more hours.

I'm not crazy, this is just my life. Or rather was my life and now only occupies a small part of my life. Many people can't understand why I do what I do. 30-50 concerts a year. 3-5 countries a year. Major source of communication the internet. LOL Being BFF with people you "only know on a message board". It's so much more than that.

Yesterday people called my name and gave me great big hugs. People whom I don't remember remembered me. Now I know you say, but Vic. Everyday you walk into school, the kids yell your name and come grab a hug. This is true. It's like my old life in miniature form and no soundtrack.

I'm not saying I will go back to my old life (ok, tonite and the last week of January not withstanding, and possibly Copenhagen in July) but I like revisiting it. I don't wanna be that old broad that regrets the choices I've made. Or did the shouldawouldacoulda. In my heart, I'm a road dog for life.

Bring on Boston - I check in in 4 hours!

Wanderer, rover, nomad, vagabond...where I lay my head is home...wherever I may roam!

P.S. Kudos to the fan who threw the chicken onstage!!! "Oh, it's not a REAL chicken??!!" - G. Randazzo


busy-busy-busy said…
Always be happy with yourself and your decisions. Have no regrets. I believe in that as well. We have to pull the 9 to 5 to live the way we want and I'm happy for you that it "Funds" your desires!

For me I have been focused on school then handling teaching that I now find myself wondering what did my hobbies used to be? Guess I better find them so I can be sure I have no regrets!

Hey where is your DC trip posts? I was happy (and Jealous) you went. If it was on the west coast, I would of have been there!

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