Saturday, February 7, 2009

January 2009 Blog

Ok - this is a nice long blog about January 2009. I hope you are comfy and have a nice cup of coffee. Or sweet tea. Yesh, my brother in law made some sweet tea today and I've inhaled a nice tall glass of it. This blog has it all: intrigue, sex, music, muse, bacon, chocolate, wickedness, and cream filled danish. LOL

Metallibash 2009

Zowie! I'm not sure it's a bash I had or just a get together among friends. Yeah, i rented out the upstairs of TWINS: $41 open bar and all you can eat. The food was aces as usual. The drinks were supreme. It's just every time we have the bash the attendance gets smaller and smaller. Just not sure I can be bothered to this. It was stressful.

By 1600 I was on the train. Actually it was train #2. I was at the station for the 1446 train only to find I had left my concert tickets at home. I had to run back to the car park, drive home, pick them up and drive back to the train station. I was unfashionably late for my own bash. It was just an off morning. A cluster fuck from the word go. You know what saved my bacon that day?

  • Lee Ayers
  • StephBKNY
  • Jimmy D - my devil in a blue dress
  • Teran
  • Vinnie
  • Lissette
  • NYTallicachick
  • Crew
  • Ghostly Hand
  • Adedude and his glowing nipples
  • Kat!!!! my bestest mate ever!
  • Trish - the original energizer bunny
  • Allen
  • Chang
  • Traci
  • Lord Lucan and his mates
  • William D
  • Heather
  • Matt and Jamie
  • Harold
  • Robert-I-Can't-Believe-You-Are-Eating-A-Salad
  • Eric - step away from the open bar

If it weren't for my mates it would have been horrible. They showed up in force. They ate. They drank. They had a good time. That's what's important. All these people came out for me. I got to throw Lissette a mondo groovy b-day party. We had chocolate cake from the Amish market. Metallica on the iPod. For me there were a lot of "Wow" moments when I just looked around and saw everyone that was important in my life. My bestest mate Kat was there. I love her more than I can truly say. My favourite little guy Teran. Super smart, wicked since of humour, speaks Latin! Traci, my partner in crime! Harold - the kamikazi photographer! LOL I think he is trying to set the record for most Metallica shows thrown out of! New And Jersey for All member William, so business casual, D. Even Blou made a guest appearance before he took off to the Sward show. Well, my brain just took a sabbatical. I'll let the pictures do the talking.

February 1, 2009

January 31, 2009

Is this not just the most awesome thing you've ever seen? OMG. Breathtaking. Between headbanging and the whole "I want to go to there." vibe, the night was full of eye candy!

February 1, 2009

“All Nightmare Long” … I hunt you down with out mercy
I hunt you down all nightmare long

OMG! James sang this right in front of us! It was wicked. His hair was lit so it looked like frosted tips. The light from below made him look sinister.

Along the rail where I was - in front of Rob’s bass cabinets, ya think!? Bob, Brad from CT, Gina, Me, Tom, and Matt. Then two strangers but it picked up with Matt, Yuri, some big dude with a bowl hair cut that is in either AJFA or Virginia Fuel, Ron, Brad (Metallica Tour Camper), George, Laura (Ron’s gyrl), a few more strangers then Stephanie, Kat, Ade, Lee, Trish. LOL The entire rail on that side was clubbers that the band knew.

Lars kept coming down and acknowledging Ron’s group. Trish got sticks both nights! James looked out for Kat (damn Prudential staff ignored some cunt choking her). In the corner to my left Teran, Pat, Chang were together. Teran had a “Respect the Het” sign and James loved it! Het came off stage to personally give Teran his wrist bands!
Lars talked to me and Gina! I had my “Need More Bacon” sign. Lars thought it was weird and hysterical! He also noticed Gina’s Queen Diamond shirt.

I was enraptured by Rob the whole night. His hair was long and black, like home spun Chinese silk. He kept pouring water on it to cool down. Magical moments staring at his perfectly chiseled arms and perfectly formed kissable lips. He exuded a primal lust that made me very glad to be female. I wanted to stand and party with Kat and Ade and Steph, but my innate love for Rob overcame that. Luckily Matt felt similar about rail spots so I didn’t have to be alone.

Uniondale January 29, 2009

choice!! The drive only took 2 ½ hours. Only a half hour in Staten Island. That’s gotta be a record or sumptin. LOL I got there so early that I didn’t have to pay for parking. I parked next to the guys: Yuri, Matt, Allen, George, and Ron. It was aces. I missed those guys so much. All my peeps! LOL We hung around outside for a while. I met up with Chang in the box office. He seemed nice. A bit quiet. I think he was just jetlagged. He left yesterday - well for me yesterday. For him it was Thursday the 29th for 2 ½ days, a full 60 hours LOL He left Korea at 3pm on Thursday the 29th and arrived at JFK Thursday the 29th at 1pm. It’s that timey wimey stuff! I also saw Eric in the box office. Eric is cool. He talks a bit much. I guess he makes up for not being able to see by running his mouth. LOL He’s got a wicked since of humour (and as I later found out at the bash drinks like a madman!)

Lisette and Vinny arrived to sell their tickets. It was so groovy seeing them again! I gave them all a big hug. Vinny was dressed in a parka with a skull and face cap. I think he was cold. It wasn’t that bad! I had on a long sleeve shirt and my black zip up hoody. I was fine. I guess it was the good Wisconsin training! I kept making fun of Vinnie and he kept making fun of me!

Uniondale January 29th, 2009

The drive to Uniondale Long Island type thingie yo was actually aces. I made it in 2 1/2 hours. That's a record. I only spent half hour in the hell that is Staten Island! LOL I got to the venue early enough that parking was free. I was met by my favourite guys!

The weather was nice despite Vinnie being wrapped up in a parka and face mask. I tought it was hi-larious!!! But then I've got five years of Wisconsin and one of Alaska under my belt. I was giggly happy that he and Lissette made it out to the venue. It became old home week. Just chatting with people I knew and hadn't seen in ages.

I got my bum to work at 3pm on the dot. Got a tour of the facility. Guided to the Production Office, shown where I got to film, and released to go back outside to hang with my mates. I took the meet and greeters down and we just hung out. Now the fun began! I was asked twice about why I had a camera. The funny thing was, I had just finished telling a punter how the union in Boston was more hard assed than Uniondale. Last tour no problems in Uniondale - Aggro in Boston. Gio had to step in to get this dude off my back. LOL This tour Boston was a breeze and Uniondale had aggro. So, this guy asked me where I got the camera from. Being a teacher, precision of language, I say "Production office." He tells me I can't film in here. I tell him I was asked to film and he'd have to take it up with my supervisor and he's in the production office. Well he huffed and grumbled and walked away. Not five minutes later another Nassau Coliseum dude goes ..."what are you filming...." I'm like "the meet and greet winners...." He starts to give me the spiel about not being allowed to film and I'm like talk to my supervisor!

So finally the first guy comes back and says ...."This is Tommy. He's your shadow." Where ever I go - Tommy from the union goes. Unbelievable! LOL At least this Tommy dude was cool.

Anyways - all my favourite people were on the rail that night. I had a great view from where I was filming. Dinner service was scrumptious. I had bacon, olive oil baby red potatoes, beef tenderloin to die for! It was baby pink, no marbling, easy to cut against the grain. It melted in my mouth! It was about an inch and a half thick! Very soft, juicy, heavenly! It lounged in it's own juices and had a lightly peppery taste. The bacon in Boston was better. This bacon was crispy but slightly more greasy. It had more fat on it than Boston's bacon. The coffee was lame and there was no Dr. Pepper.

The show was aces. I got to watch it from a little video screen. LOL It's like being removed from the action. I can't get "into" the show because I have to film and block in my head. I had a running story board in my head of shots I wanted. LOL I kept sending subliminal messages to the guys so they'd hit my invisible marks. LOL It was a two camera shoot, so basically I had to tag anyone who was facing me. There were no wide angle shots as there was not enough room for it. I did get a nice roll of Lars taking someone's camera and taking their picture from the stage. I played it safe for the song designated for MetOnTour. I do have that artsy eye, but this is not something to monkey around with. LOL I truly enjoy filming; the meet and greets, the show. It's "easy". It's like stepping back into my old life. Gosh, I don't know. Uniondale. Friends. Metallica. Bacon.

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