Metallibash 2009

Zowie! I'm not sure it's a bash I had or just a get together among friends. Yeah, i rented out the upstairs of TWINS: $41 open bar and all you can eat. The food was aces as usual. The drinks were supreme. It's just every time we have the bash the attendance gets smaller and smaller. Just not sure I can be bothered to this. It was stressful.

By 1600 I was on the train. Actually it was train #2. I was at the station for the 1446 train only to find I had left my concert tickets at home. I had to run back to the car park, drive home, pick them up and drive back to the train station. I was unfashionably late for my own bash. It was just an off morning. A cluster fuck from the word go. You know what saved my bacon that day?

  • Lee Ayers
  • StephBKNY
  • Jimmy D - my devil in a blue dress
  • Teran
  • Vinnie
  • Lissette
  • NYTallicachick
  • Crew
  • Ghostly Hand
  • Adedude and his glowing nipples
  • Kat!!!! my bestest mate ever!
  • Trish - the original energizer bunny
  • Allen
  • Chang
  • Traci
  • Lord Lucan and his mates
  • William D
  • Heather
  • Matt and Jamie
  • Harold
  • Robert-I-Can't-Believe-You-Are-Eating-A-Salad
  • Eric - step away from the open bar

If it weren't for my mates it would have been horrible. They showed up in force. They ate. They drank. They had a good time. That's what's important. All these people came out for me. I got to throw Lissette a mondo groovy b-day party. We had chocolate cake from the Amish market. Metallica on the iPod. For me there were a lot of "Wow" moments when I just looked around and saw everyone that was important in my life. My bestest mate Kat was there. I love her more than I can truly say. My favourite little guy Teran. Super smart, wicked since of humour, speaks Latin! Traci, my partner in crime! Harold - the kamikazi photographer! LOL I think he is trying to set the record for most Metallica shows thrown out of! New And Jersey for All member William, so business casual, D. Even Blou made a guest appearance before he took off to the Sward show. Well, my brain just took a sabbatical. I'll let the pictures do the talking.


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