Harrow - Fallow Fields

Fallow Fields
17 February 2015
Broken Limbs Records
7.5 of 10

Harrow's album Fallow Fields' first track reminds me of old Pink Floyd. "Pathways" is an ethereal romp through a barren musical landscape. Their is struggle in the composition, a weighty burden the listener must bear. At 14:21 the song overtakes you with angst. It's hard to listen without being swallowed up. "Through the Grey" is a more lighthearted fare. It's almost folksy in it's delivery. It hearkens travel across the wooded lands under grey and cloudy skies. Fallow Fields is not only a listening experience but a visual experience as the music evokes visions for the listener. The title track "Fallow Fields" is a dark witchy tome. Harrow is quite adept at using music to create colour and mood. The album ends with "Awake Before Dawn". It's another dark opus that combs the depth of sadness. The entire album is introspective and dark.


Harrow is:
Ian Campbell – electric and acoustic guitars, vocals, bodhrán, keyboards, percussion
Jacob Moyer – drums & percussion, vocals
Kat Mason – bass, vocals
Alexia Horozian – violin

Stephanie Knittle – cello (bass player and cellist of Alda)
Derrek Burton – backing vocals on track two (former bassist)


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