Immolation - Kingdom of Conspiracy

ahhhhh Immolation Y U so Heavy???!!! I'd like to personally thank those at Nuclear Blast Europe for the new Immolation track "Kingdom of Conspiracy" from the album Kingdom of Conspiracy. It is a symphony of guitars. It is a guttural assault on the senses. Yes you may have heard the runs before. Yes it may seem to sound like every other death metal band out there. But settle yourselves into the ebb and flow of the composition. You shall find that Ross Dolan, Robert Vigna, Bill Taylor, and Steve Shalaty finesse their way thru a classic head banging dirge-like abyss of hell. And let's not forget dear listeners.... Immolation, under the guise of Rigor Mortis, started this trend in the way back machine known as the 80s (in finger quotes). So if you've heard all of this before - you may thank THEM as THEY STARTED IT ALL!!!! 

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