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April 23!! Yep, a Saturday night! The newest season of Doctor Who, 32 for anyone counting, will be double premiered in BOTH the UK and the USA. BBC America will air part 1 at 9PM / 8 Central. After episode 7, "Demons Run" the show will take a break only to return in the fall with airings of episodes 8 to 13. Happily, they are bringing back Rory (Arthur Darvill) and my all time favourite Alex Kingston (Eastenders and The Bill) as River Song! Can't wait!!! I do love my Doctor, no matter what form he takes. Matt Smith proved last season he has the hutzpuh to to take such a well known character and make it his own. Did I mention I'm exciting that River Song is coming back???!!! Bring on April 23! I just hope BBC America plays (not bloody likely) the episodes as they air on the Beeb and not the hatchet job editing that they've been doing.


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