Iron Maiden 2017 June 28 Phoenix, Arizona

So, after talking to my mate, I realized this was the first Iron Maiden show in decades that I've gone to alone. Weird. I had my trusty Canon SX160IS with me. It's a wee thing: does great video but with only a 16x zoom, not so much. But it is a manual that takes batteries; so, it has a place in my Canon arsenal. I was sat in the 200 level of the arena and didn't intend on getting any "good" pictures. I'm just a spectator for the nights show, after all. But when  looked at the images memes came to mind. Eureka! I bring all the funny!



This, of course, no way reflect what was going on in their minds as they played. Except, maybe, Davey saying that about the dude that was in fact crowd surfing and fell on his head. I was just being pithy on a Wednesday morning (ok, I over dosed on Costa Rican coffee). 


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