Blood Drive S01 E03

I love how episode 3 starts out with the white bread mayo couple. I was taken aback by (trigger warning) how abusive the wife is. ZOMG. It's a bit of a treatise on how suburbia destroys men. He's doughboy fat and afraid of his wife who is super controlling. I feel sorry for him and instantly hate her. But I do like thier music. It's so so ... happy and innocent!

This is juxtaposed with Jonathan (Julian) attending a conference call (ooops, trigger warning) with the marketing team. That is truly hell as anyone who has had to sit thru a meeting with corporate. Just the way he holds the phone and tries to get them to use his real name. But they aren't having any of it! They don't care. But hey, The need more CLOWN DICK!!

We finally get to Barbie and the ill named D'Argento. They have to make pit stop in the creepy Steel City to fix the car. Which mysteriously drives fine as they enter Steel City. So our first gang of Steel City is the Corporate Synergy Talk Dudes. Just listening to their speak gives me the heebie jeebies.

I'm still wondering how Arthur can be so naive. Seriously, he gets locked in the supply closet. Saw that coming a mile away. He's so apple pie innocent. How the fuck has he survived? Then to run off to some dead person screaming "help me" seriously!

So 42 minutes in and I've still not seen the naked partner. It was a tease. I am saddened by this. 47 minutes in and now I'm happy. ZOMG those abs!

Finally! Julian Slink and Mayhem! This is why we really tune in and they made us wait for it. As usual, Grace and Arthur are in last place **yawn**. Clown Dick stops for some tits just yards away from the finish line and Grace and Arthur make it. **yawn**  They had a heart to heart talk **yawn** take Heart down yadda yadda save the sister yadda yadda save everybody

The marketing team was right. We need more blood and carnage. We need more racing. We need to see the stories of the other races. And for everything good and holy we need more Julian Slink!

Blood Drive is on Wednesday night on SyFy. Check your local listings.

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