Rapheumets Well - Enders Door (album review)

Rapheumets WellEnders Door     Test Your Metal RecordsRelease: 26 May 2017
Full disclosure. I reviewed Rapheumets Well 'The Exile' last year and it was awesomeness! Rapheumets Well - Exile  So now I bring you the newest offering from Rapheumets Well entitled 'Enders Door'.  The band's fifth album and nothing has diminished. 'Enders Door' is just as heavy and scary as the previous albums. There is a delicious wickedness that oozes from every track. 
'Endors Door' is thirteen tracks scintillating in at an hour and two minutes long. I really like how they blend some many musical styles into their atmospheric doom contemporary dance metal opus. That being said. I can have my opinions on the music, but here is what is really happening: 
In the fifth era of the Avomenian Empire, amidst the planetary ruins of Vaath, a rogue traveler would discover an artifact that would forever change his place in the cosmos.

Upon arriving to retrieve the artifact, it became apparent that Eryos’s brother Nathyiem would never make it to their arranged meeting point.  In departing from the planet Vaath, Eryos received a distress signal from his brother’s ship, coming from an uncharted planet.  Upon arriving, he found a odd world inhabited by a mysterious species called the Dreth led by lecherous matriarch named Eishar.   It is here that he would uncover  a faced-door, an inter-dimensional gateway to the Ender.  
Yes, it reads like the most epic of D&D campaigns. The music is perfect for it. If you enjoyed the previous albums, definitely get 'Enders Door' and continue the story. 


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