Dead Register - Fiber (album review)

Dead Register   
Throne Records
Release: 9 June 2017

All the heaven that is Dead Register is back with the vinyl version of  Fiber. As usual, Dead Register puts you in a different dimension of sound and feeling. Everything about the debut album Fiber is to die for love. Just the over all tone of the album weaves it way into your heart and soul and takes over. The guitar work is ethereal yet strong. The vocals are haunting and unforgettable.

Dead Register are M. Chvasta (vocals, bass, bass vi), Avril Che for her bass synth, textures, keys, and background vocal accompaniment, and Chad William on drums. It's the perfect tri-fecta. Fiber makes you want to get up and dance. It's aurel movement. You really can't help but embrace the tracks on Fiber.

I reviewed Dead Register's Fiber last year for the 2016 release:

Please, please do yourself a favour. You can pre-order Fiber directly from the band here: Support Dead Register in everything they do. They are totally worth it.


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