Blood Drive S01 E02

Aaaahhhh the second installment of Blood Drive. Where to begin. The crew's pit stop this week is at a town/ diner in Pixie Swallow. A groan inducing name. On first viewing it put me in the mind when Sam and Dean went to Biggerson's: everyone is chowing down in burger eating bliss. In Supernatural, the burger was some weird goo. In Blood Drive, it was long pig. That's right - people. Shock. Horror. But hey, you don't understand the amount of water it takes to keep cows and chickens are extinct. What's a small business to do?

Our bright eyed bushy tailed cop gets in touch with his eye candy partner who spends the entire episode shirtless. No complaints. I'm not sure what he did, but he had no shirt on! Oh yeah, he skulled around the basement finding his cell phone and files and wot nots. Without. His. Shirt!  

My favourite part of the episode was when the big dude with the tow truck gets angry that some cannibal left his dog in the car with the windows up. He stops a cannibal onslaught to save a cute fur baby! Seriously! I stood up and applauded! He dispatches of the evil incarnate ass wipe by repeatedly shoving the creep's car keys into his throat before rescuing said puppy! Then he's all soft and doggy daddy cradling the animal that it brings a touching tear to my eye.

Meanwhile at Pixie Swallow, some random cannibals are fighting and stuff. Bored now. Cue time in the evil corporate headquarters of Heart Corporation. The mega giant corp that owns everything. Everyone works for Heart in one way or another - they have the contract for Contra Corp Police and the Blood Drive. The receptionist is pure bitch. "Heart Corporation, please hold." over and over and over again. No wonder Slink goes mental and bashes in beige-man's head. Quite an explosive yet justified scene.

The corporation wants to broadcast Blood Drive world wide. Slink can save his job by making it more bloody and ridiculous than it already is. I'm so down with that. Bring on next week.

Blood Drive is on Wednesday night's on SyFy. Check your local listings.

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