Blood Drive S01 E01

A treatise on Blood Drive. I like the grind house feel. The barker for the drive is my favourite character. I just love how he dresses and how he "struggles" to find an accent. The clothes he wears are ZOMG amazing. Give the costume design team a round of applause!

I like the idea of the cop getting caught up in it; but HATE the fact that it's the aw shucks average white guy with a heart of gold and stickler for the law archetype. Living in murikkkuh has made he really hate average white guys. It's very one dimensional. His performance is flat and quite frankly, unbelievable!

The play that in the future police departments are outsourced to private contractors is intriguing. It gives them a lawless feel, like they have their own rules to follow. They incorporate that PD has a quota of tickets they have to write for certain things (which in real life they most certainly do) and their pay is tied to that. I also like that their body cams have to stay on at all times, or they get fined.

The crux of the story is that the cars for this cross country race run on blood. The idea that they run of blood is great. EXCEPT.. .they WASTE ALL THE DAMN BLOOD!  I mean, the engine opens up into gnashing teeth. OK - but the blood is spurting out! So it's more apt to say the cars run on gristle, flesh, and bone. NOT BLOOD! They do very little to capture any blood! The cheerleader (lazy sloppy writing) that had her leg cut off... her stump was gushing blood into the ground -if the cars really do run on blood - then they are wasting their resources.

As for the other characters; I hope there is more of The Gentleman and the Scholar. I'd love to see how their characters develop. Even tho, again, it's a set archetype, the pairing will give way to much comedy and puns and groans - especially having the scholar look like he's a bum and his savant with cars and engines.

But the bimbo with the lolly ... I want to punch her in the face. I do NOT like her. Her look. Her attitude. Just everything about her gets on my last nerve.

Blood Drive is a great new twist on Smokey and the Bandit.

OOOOHHHHH and the clone/robot cop: the wee thing that jacked up the black cop. Draining blood - a very vampiric feel. I hope they keep that and expand upon it. I look forward to seeing more.

Blood Drive is on Wednesday night's on SyFy. Check your local listings.


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