The Devil You Know - May 23 Tempe, AZ The Marquee (setlist, video, review)

So, the year I moved to Korea, something pretty awesome happened in Los Angeles. The Devil You Know came into being. Howard Jones says, "Long hair solo started writing music and sending it to me." I stumbled upon them covering the Hatebreed tour and was instantly agog! For those in the know, The Devil You Know consists of Howard Jones (Killswitch Engage), Francesco Artusato (All Shall Perish), John Sankey (Fear Factory), and Ryan Wombacher (Bleeding Through).

The Devil You Know are the first band in a trio of explosive circle pit heaven on earth. They are touring on their release They Bleed Red (Nuclear Blast). Howard hits the stage and paces like a captured lion. He's menacing and intense. Yet, has a wicked sense of humour for those hecklers that dare yell inane epitaphs. "Thanks white guy who always has something to say." The band is tight, like machine gun precision tight! John Sankey and Ryan Wombacher create a sonic boom that you can feel in your gut! This from a band who are only playing their 10th show with John! Yes, they are THAT good!

While not overly interesting to stand and watch, the sound is damn good. You go see The Devil You Know to hear the music live. It's a live show on 11 from start to finish. Most opening bands get little to no love but not so in Tempe at The Marquee. The crowd flat out loves them! "It's a weekday and you guys are standing strong!" - Howard Jones. Howard knows how to work a crowd. He's verbally engaging.

Live, The Devil You Know create a tone that is sinister yet funky. John and Ryan are in a pocket that can't be fucked with. The song 'A New Beginning' is proof of that.  Ryan relates that he has NO music theory background.  "I just pay attention to the kick drum. As long as I can hear the kick drum, I sound good." - Ryan Wombacher.

The overall ELP/progressive intricate guitar sound comes from Italian born Francesco Artusato. "When I was 20 I moved to the states and attended Berklee College of Music in Boston. I majored in Composition and Film Scoring. I moved to LA to work on TV." You've heard Francesco's music on CBS and Big Brother. Not long after, he got in touch with All Shall Perish and went on tour. The rest is music history.

01. Consume the Damned
02. Embracing the Torture
03. 7 Years Alone
04. A New Beginning
05. Stay of Execution
06. The Way We Die
07. Shut It Down

"The Way We Die"

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