Kommando - Distroyer/Iron Goat Triumph (album review)

Distroyer/Iron Goat Triumph
Self Release
13 June 2016

Holy. And. Fuck. "Fuck the World". That's how Kommando's newest LP "Distroyer/Iron Goat Triumph" begins. And. It. Does. NOT. Let up. This is an amazing whirling dervish of circle pit punk madness. Distroyer/Iron Goat Triumph is a high energy collection of the most frenetic psychotic thrash punk metal ever delivered to our yearning ears. It's more than just thrash metal. It's thrash metal with a punk twist. The songs are concise and engaging.  The tone is dark and sinister yet after listening to Distroyer/Iron Goat Triumph you feel a release, a lightness as if all your maudlin feelings have melted away.  Distroyer/Iron Goat Triumph is an album you will listen to over and over again!




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