Dead Register - Fiber (album review)

Dead Register
AVR Records
Release: 6 May 2016

With anticipation I spin Dead Register's Fiber from AVR Records. From the first heavy bass laden strings to the last, I'm sucking in and fully engaged. Fiber is a visceral experience. It's like the psychedelic experimental phase of the late 60s/early 70s. It's part Doors, part Tool, part Martha Graham's Lament.  Everything about Fiber makes you feel feels. From the haunting vocals to the intricate compositions, Dead Rigister's Fiber reaches into your soul and expands your consciousness. The tracks on Fiber go from heavy chugging to lyrical gambol to doomy goth and everything in between.  Fiber as a sound is akin to German Expressionism in film circa 1920s. Fiber is a world of light and shadow. It's lavish and wild and absurd. Fiber boasts a dark mood that you feel helpless to escape from, should you want to escape. I for one did not want to escape the clutches of Fiber.
Drawing Down available on BandCamp


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