APELSINOVAYA KREVETKA - Входящие (album review)

09 February 2016 

Because I like weird and unusual things, I decided I'd try out APELSINOVAYA KREVETKA. They are a metal band from Russia. I have no bloody idea what they are saying, but it sounds awesome! This is the track list to their new album Входящие:

1. Strawberry artillery
2. Kelp needs money for new shoes
3. Heap of raw chicken legs, instead faces
4. Juice after the end of the world
5. One with gills under the skirt
6. Porridge face
7. Stuffed baggy face
8. Wax resuscitation
9. Grass snake hammered into the ground, knocked out teeth
10. Leather went toward the sleeping neighborhood
11. Snake kill balalaika
12. The waves chopped skin

How can you not want to hear more of something that has titles like this? This disk kicks some maximum ass! I mean it's only two people making this music: Dmitry and Iiya and they are killing it! The songs have heaviness where they need to and gravitas in other places. You can't listen to the album without banging your head. Входящие is infectious!

Apelsinovaya Krevetka BUT ALBUM HERE

Juice After the End of the World (Juice After the Apocalypse)


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