Agresiva - Eternal Foe (album review)

Eternal Foe
Minotauro Records
February 19, 2016

Hey! Here's a likable album!  Thrash metal old school style. Agresiva is from Spain, but you'd think they stepped out of San Francisco back in the late 80s/early 90s. This is a re-release of Agresiva's 2012 offering of Eternal Foe. Eternal Foe starts out sounding like Testament but morphs into a Metallica laden head bang fest. It's frenetic and bombastic. Eternal Foe isn't just a thrash fest, there are some nice subtle interludes dispersed throughout their songs. Their compositions have layers of interesting melodies. Eternal Foe is a hard driving thrash metal album worthy of being played over and over again.

Buy Eternal Foe here: Minotauro Records


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