LSE - Break the Clasp (album)

Zowie... you don't really know what to expect when Break The Clasp starts. Its' the debut album from Montreal band LAE. It's part spaghetti western part doom and totally engaging. The title song 'Break the Clasp' is haunting yet you find yourself singing along to it. LAE totally threw out the handbook on making a doom album. It's like they said, "fuck it, let's do something different". The song has so many interesting layers and the more deeply you delve, the more stuck in the molasses pit of music you find yourself. But the sound is so sweet you just keep digging. It's truly a song you get lost in. Clocking in at 7:28 it doesn't seem that long. Your sense of time and space gets warped. 

Bassist Ronald Jean-Gilles, drummer Serge Nakauchi Pelletier, and guitar players Stephane Desgroseilliers and Marc Lucas Ablasou created an amazing album that has to be experienced to be believed. Break the Clasp is the perfect album for a winter's night. Light a fire, sip some mulled wine, and fall deep into LSE

Buy the Album here: LSE - Break the Clasp (album)
You will be completely glad you did!


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