WETA Workshop Fantasy Exhibition

Sometimes in the backwood wildes of Korea, something magical and wonderful happens.  This was one of those things. I and three companions made the KTX trek into Seoul, the 3rd largest city on the planet, to lay our eyes on WETA Workshop Fantasy Exhibition. It was, of course, the most amazing exhibit of sculpture, statues, paintings, and drawings I had seen in a long time. The exhibition featured artist Johnny Fraser-Allen and his upcoming projects The Gloaming Trilogy and The Wandering Woods. Both had me instantly hooked and longing to be transported to the magical lands both inhabit. The rest of the Weta Workshop Fantasy Exhibition had work from Max Patte, Javier Murcia, Jamie Beswarick, David Meng, Daniel Cockersell, Lee Cross, Andrew Baker, Kim Beaton, Greg Broadmore, Ryk Fortuna, Bill Hunt, Gary Hunt, David Meng, Greg Tozer and Brigitte Wuest. I was enthralled by Javier Murcia's work. It was a mixture of stillness and movement; unbridled restraint. If this wonderful collection makes it way to your neighbourhood, definitely go see it! And utilize the audio tour that accompanies it.


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