Kirk Hammett and Exodus at San Diego Comicon Party

A happy Kirk Hammett is a joy to see. This seminal guitar player started exploring and then unleashing his boyhood love.... horror. Kirk has amassed an impressive collection of horror movies and horror artifacts. Mr. Hammett is a closet geek no more. He released his own book entitled Too Much Horror Business in 2012.

 He then went on to create his own Horror Con called Fear Festival earlier in 2014. It was an unmitigated success. For some added cool points, Kirk got together with his old band Exodus to host an after party at the San Diego Comic Con on July 25th. There, he and his band along with special guests played some most excellent rock and roll. Take a listen:

Kirk, Exodus, and Mark Osegueda of Death Angel playing "Grinder" by Judas Priest

Kirk, Exodus, and Mark Osegueda of Death Angel playing "Seek and Destroy"

Kirk, Rob, Richard Christy (Death), and Doug Pinnick (Kings X) doing "Jailbreak" by Thin Lizzy


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