Lacuna Coil - Nothing Stands in Our Way (single)

Oh, so heavy. So sci-fi. That's how Lacuna Coil's newest single "Nothing Stands in Our Way" from the upcoming album 'Broken Crown Halo' on Century Media Records at the end of March. "Nothing Stands in Our Way" is headbanging heaven with awesome vocals and  in your face guitars. The track is elegant in its simplicity. Nothing extraneous, just a strait ahead rock and roll song. “Through everyday battles, against all odds, we stand united and don’t look back. We go on against crashing economy, heartbreaks, lifelong obstacles. We learn from our mistakes and nothing can stop us. We fear nothing and we are determined as musicians and as human beings”, say Lacuna Coil about “Nothing Stands In Our Way”.
'BROKEN CROWN HALO' Track Listing:
  1. Nothing Stands In Our Way
  2. Zombies
  3. Hostage To The Light
  4. Victims
  5. Die & Rise
  6. I Forgive (But I Won’t Forget Your Name)
  7. Cybersleep
  8. Infection
  9. I Burn In You
  10. In The End I Feel Alive
  11. One Cold Day
 The band had this to say about the album artwork: "We are fighting for a kingdom and a crown that is not what it seems to be, one that in reality represents the moment of confusion we’re living in, and the very fragile situation we’re facing every day." 


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