Amon Amarth - Father of the Wolf (video)

OK - this is just seriously gobsmackingly beautiful. The landscape, the cinematography, the actors. It's haunting. It's epic. It's Amon Amarth "Father of the Wolf" from critically acclaimed album Deceiver of the Gods. Brian E. said his "...beard grew a foot and my salad turned to bacon."  If that's not a ringing endorsement for any song or video, I don't know what is. How about Amon Amarth are the best band you could ever listen to? "Father of the Wolf" is chock full of blazing riffs, hard drumming, and evil laden vocals. "Father of the Wolf" punches you in the gut and rips out your heart. Deceiver of the Gods is an album you must buy if you haven't already, or replay again at very loud volumes if you currently have it in your arsenal.


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