10 Signs You Are Clearly In Love

Hey, it's Valentines Day! So let's jump on the ol' love train and ratchet up a Top 10 List to get the metal flowing. Here's the Kali Diaries Valentine's Day 10 Signs You Are Clearly In Love!!!!

10. Your partner turns DOWN the Metallica from a respectable 11 to "people friendly" 8 on the ol' stereo and you don't punch them in the face.

9. You wear that one special Iron Maiden shirt out in public on a date.

8. YOUR song comes on the radio and you both sing in harmony..."You mesmerize slowly. Till I can't believe my eyes. Ecstasy controls me. What you give just serves me right!"

7. You make room around your guitar set up for his guitar set up and then proceed to play AC/DC songs to the wee hours of the morning.

6. He misses the last song of the set to run to the merch booth to buy you that awesome Metallica t-shirt before they run out of your size.

5. Your partner asks if you want to get "Naked In The Rain" and you reply album or cassette?

4. You argue over will they play "Rain Song"  or "All of My Love" when you walk down the aisle to get married.

3. You realize the perfect gift for each other is weekend passes to Bloodstock!

2.  He insists you wear his favorite EXODUS t-shirt around the house.

And the number one sign that indicates you are clearly in love.....
1. You both show up to date night wearing the exact.... same..... clubber.... t-shirt!


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