Whitemare - Screamer

Whitemare's "Screamer" is a fun romp through music that was released on Riot House Records back in November. It's  It's only twelve minutes long, but it's a corker. The opening track 'Elm Grave' puts you in a Janis Joplin type mood. It's very 60s until the vocals kick in and then you've got this grungy punk southern rock thing. It's head banging and toe tapping. 'Elm Grave' is raw and stripped down. "Screamer" is a fun little EP that just puts you in a good mood. Whitemare sports Matt Johnson on vocals, Al Kilcullen on guitar, Eugene Economou on drums, and Lewis Porter on bass. The music and lyrics are strait forward and in your face. Whitemare's "Screamer" is an EP you want to play at your next party. 'Scene-agers' has the added bonus of some Jerry Lee Lewis inspired piano playing. It's a nice touch. 'Deadbeat Street' is a classic pogo song. OMG this got me hopping about the flat. The bass breakdown at 51 seconds pumps you up and the slide guitar at 1:06 is bitchin'. I want to see these guys live! My favourite track by far, being a card carrying Metallica club member since 1998 is 'Metallicaz Playing At My House'. It's frakking bitchin'! As the song says, it's some kind of monster. And just like that, twelve minutes past and "Screamer" is over. I think I shall play it again and let the shenanigans continue!


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