Top 10 Videos of 2013

Time for the best of the best from 2013!!! Here are your Top 10 Videos from 2013!!!

10.  Diamond Plate - Dance With Reality
From the album PulseBuy Pulse on iTunes

9. Mothership - City Nights
From the album MothershipBuy Mothership on Ripple Music / Big Cartel

8. Amon Amarth - Deceiver of the Gods
From the album  Deceiver of the GodsBuy Deceiver of the Gods on iTunes

7. Skeletonwitch - I Am of Death
From the album Serpents UnleashedBuy Serpents Unleashed on iTunes

6. System Annihilated - What We Created
From the album FurorBuy Furor on iTunes

5. Beastwars - Dune
From the Album Blood Becomes FireBuy Blood Becomes Fire from Beastwars Bandcamp

4. Blodig Alvor - Start En Revolusjon
From the album Morkets FrembruddBuy Morkets Frembrudd on iTunes

The Top Three Videos of 2013

3. As They Burn - Frozen Vision
From the album Will Love LifeBuy Will Love Life on iTunes

2. Finntroll - Haxbrygd
From the album: BlodsvepBuy Blodsvep on iTunes

And the Number One Video of 2013

1. Russkaja - Energia!
From the album Energia!Buy Energia! on iTunes


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