Savage Messiah - The Fateful Dark

Just when I thought I had my 2013 top album list completed, Savage Messiah go and muss up my calculations! Lucky for me the album won't be released until 2014: You can pick it up from Earache Records on March 10th in Europe and in the USA March 18 via Century Media / Earache. Still,  I am quite put out by Savage Messiah and "The Fateful Dark". How dare they go and make a gobsmacking amazing follow up to "Plague of Conscience". The album has everything a metal head yearns for this Christmas. Dave Silver and Joff Bailey are tight as fuck on guitars. Andrea Gorio is pounding the shite out of the drums. Every song is hard hitting and heavy as fuck. Savage Messiah have perfected the art of the heavy metal album. There is just no way to listen to "The Fateful Dark" and not bang your head.


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