Metallica Achievement - Play All Seven Continents in 2013 - DONE!

December 7, 2013
2013 is another stunning year for that little band from San Francisco. Metallica released it's first ever full length movie in theaters. Yes, there was Some Kind of Monster, the documentary from 2004. But, that was a Berlinger / Sinofsky film. Through the Never, directed by Nimrod Antal and starring Dane DeHaan, is Metallica's first film, i.e., the band paid for it. That's right... out of their own considerable pockets. Why not! And to carry on the tradition of Why nots, Metallica will be the first band to play all seven continents. You heard me. That's got to get them into the Guinness Book of World Records or something.  So after a tour hitting South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Australia, China, Brazil, Malaysia, Indonesia, Denmark, and the USA (read that right.... 6 continents in one year); they are poised to blow the minds of about 19 people in Antarctica. Continent Number Seven!!!!!!  The lucky 19 winners were chosen by Coca Cola in a contest for people in Central and South America. The show is to take place a mere miles from the South Pole on the Argentinian held Carlini Station. Metallica released the following picture today of what the set up looks like.


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