Malakyte - Human Resonance

There is no way this could be the band's first full length album. It's just too damn good. Ever have that problem? You are listening to a band and you can't manage to pick your jaw up off the floor? Well then you need to hear Malakyte's "Human Resonance". It's a blistering head banging kill fest. This album is meant to be played on 11. It's meant to make your neighbours shudder in fear. It's meant to be listened to whilst driving very very fast. "Human Resonance" is just pounding and unrelenting. I can only imagine the carnage this album generates when Malakyte play it live. It's an open love letter to classic circle pits.

The album starts with a beautiful song entitled '7.8'. It's gobsmackingly gorgeous. Then all hell breaks lose with  'Embodiment'. Laggy and Dalton Quade Wilson just nail it on guitars. They are shredding it. it's sweet mana to your ears. Tommy Muz reminds me of Bobby Ellsworth. This song is killer. You just bang your head all the way through.

'Fall to Khaos' is another guitar laden song. It has a Metallica / Slayer vibe. It's wicked and heavy. L.G. and Trip Walker are a rhythm section force. 'Fall to Khaos' has so much power and low end. The heaviness is palpable. 'Flood of Flames' has some wicked jazzy bass riffs from Trip. Then it just explodes in a frenzied "I'm coming to get you, Barbara!" type of scene. I shot out of my seat and just head banging and circle pitted in my tiny Korean flat. My next door neighbour was not amused. Especially at 1:23 when I frakking cranked the bass wickedness up to ear bleeding levels! 'Flood of Flames' has so many what the fuck moments it's crazy!

'Inbetween Terminals' has this groove and feel that your body has felt before. But Malakyte adds something different, distinct to the mix that keeps you engaged and in love. It's another song that has this wild eyed uncontrollable movement to it. But underlying it all is ... HEAVY!!!! I really just want to scream bloody murder right now! That's how much 'Inbetween Terminals' gets into your head.

I could go on and describe the rest of Malakyte's "Human Resonance" to you. But I won't. I really really really want you to go buy this album!

Human Resonance on Bandcamp get it directly from Malakyte and it's only $7 AUD and the band gets the money straight away!
Human Resonance on iTunes  Dudes, it's only $9.99
Human Resonance at Amazon merely $8.99

Seriously! You have got to ring in the new year with this most blistering ear bleeding heart pounding album! Malakyte's "Human Resonance" has me foaming at the mouth! It's just that damn good.


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