Iskald - Nedorm og Norg

I've always been a sucker for Scandinavian music. For some absurd reason, they just tend to do more with the metal genre. Enter the great white cold Norway. Just the name sends shivers down my spine. There is much anticipation listening to anything coming from this country. The album "Nedom og Nord" is yet another offering that send shivers down one's spine. "Nedom og Nord" is the fourth album from Iskald. Iskald have yet another bold and sweeping album that encapsulates what it means to be Norwegian. To wit, "Nedom og Nord" is Iskald's tribute to their home country. Norwegian and European fans of Iskald can pick up the disk on January 13th via Indie Recordings. The rest of the world gets it on the 17th of January.

Simon Larsen and Aage Krekling created an enveloping album that assaults the senses. "Nedom og Nord" transports you to the Norwegian landscape. It's more about a visceral experience than just listening to a bunch of songs. Says drummer Aage Krekling, “I believe these six tracks contains more soul and character that before. At the same time the songs can be described as more complex and studied. The recordings where done all by ourselves in our own studio in Bodø. This worked out better than expected and the tracking was the easiest ever done. We managed to define our “new” sound early on, and with the help of Studio 210 once again I believe we have crafted out some really fresh and awesome sounding black metal that should appeal to every fan of the genre.”

'A Fading Horizon' creates an atmosphere of tension mixed with anticipation. Simon Larsen's vocals are practically demonic. 'A Fading Horizon' seems to capture what it feels like to get lost and freeze to death in a beautiful environment. At least, that is the visual I get from listening to the track. Some of the changes are a little jarring but it only leads to heighten the effect of the song.

A few of the songs are sung in the native Norwegian which  makes them even more otherworldly. The track 'Iskald' is an amazing composition that is rich in layers and harmony. 'Iskald' has a dream like quality to it that makes it an unbelievable track. What's even more gobsmacking is that Simon Larsen handles both guitar and bass duties on the album. Larson is truly a talented musician.

'Nidingsdad' is a head trip. So much is happening musically, it's like being in a blizzard. The overall tone of the song is menacing. 'Nidingsdad' swallows you whole. The composition is complex and dazzlingly brilliant.

"Nedom og Nord" is an amazing album that is full and rich and deep. Simon Larson and Aage Krekling have outdone themselves and created a disk to be proud of!

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