Friday Night Dance Party - Halloween Weekend

OK - so even though it's officially November; this months Friday Night Dance Party is going to be Halloween themed. Hopefully many of you are still in a Halloween mood and are partying all weekend long! I've already rocked four different Halloween outfits in four different parties. I'm totally looking forward to another night of mischief making and general shenanigans! Let the Halloween Dance Party begin!!!

The Browning - Bloodlust
A creepy fantastic and totally bitchin' track! This is how to get a Halloween Party started! From last year's album Burn This World. Pick it up via: iTunes (with 2 bonus tracks)

Metallica - Until It Sleeps
Ok - it's Metallica. This is a win! James Hetfield at his most sexy! Creepy images. Kirk crucified.

Korn - Clowns
Because clowns and these freaking little placidly smiling dolls are scary as shite.

Tool - Stinkfist
Tool videos are disturbing. That is all.

Powerwolf - We Drink Your Blood
A more "classic" approach to horror and Halloween.

Meshuggah - Bleed
It's got bugs... creepy crawly bugs.

Beastwars - Dune
Blood Becomes Fire is just a gobsmacking album. This is the last album you'll need for your Halloween shenanigans. It just oozes evil. Listen to those riffs! Buy it directly from the band - this way THEY get the monies! Beastwars - Blood Becomes Fire


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