The Browning - Hypernova

If you are looking for a straight forward coherent review of The Browning - Hypernova... look else where. I can not walk nor write a straight line when listening to Hypernova. It's just that jaunty! See there, I get to use that word again! jajajajajaa But seriously. Forget what I've said in the past. The Browning have created the best damn music put to well, whatever means you have the album this entire year. Words utterly fail me!

Hypernova is blistering.
Hypernova is hypnotic.
Hypernova is science fiction on steroids.
Hypernova is a musical version of a Neil Gaiman opus.
Hypernova is ethereal.
Hypernova is headbanging deliciousness.
Hypernova is fresh.
Hypernova is innovative.
Hypernova is new wave done right.
Hypernova is industrial delight.
Hypernova is music that makes Germans happy.
Hypernova is explosive.

I would fail miserably if I had to give you a track by track listing of Hypernova. I just can't do it. I feel like an ADHD kid... squirrel!!!!!!

From Cody's drumming to Collin's guitar work ... just....just... squeeeeeeeeeeee Jonny is singing with an unmatched ferocity. P.S. Drew I love you!!!! -licks face-
OMG! The Browning are gobsmackingly amazing live and if you've not seen them live; then go buy HYPERNOVA!!!  Hypernova on iTunes

You can not listen to a song like "Slaves" and just not be blown away! It's just perfect!!! Perfect I tells ya!!!


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